About Mount Aetna Bible Church

Our Mission:

  Being and making disciples of Jesus who become and make disciples of Jesus.

Our Values:

  Our mission and purpose are strategically implemented and guided by these values:


We value the supremacy of the plan of redemption as a revelation of hope and meaning in human life through which mankind fulfills its purpose and God receives glory.


We value the various forms of God's revelation to mankind through which he communicates his character, purposes and will. We seek to grow in our knowledge of God and in understanding our significance in serving his eternal purposes through creation, scripture, the Holy Spirit and the person and work of Jesus.


We value honest awareness of the sinful nature of the flesh and the deceitful nature of the heart. We value the personal, corporate and practical pursuit of holiness.


We value loving relationships as the primary dynamic and context through which we accomplish God’s purposes and most reflect His nature as revealed in the Trinity.


We value the hope and embrace the reality of ongoing spiritual and personal renewal that comes as a result of living by faith, remaining in Jesus and yielding to the Holy Spirit.

Meet Our Team

Tim Bouffard

Tim has been with MABC for over 20 years. He is a graduate of Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia College of Bible – undergraduate degree; and formerly Philadelphia Biblical University – graduate degrees). In addition to shepherding and preaching, Tim provides pastoral counseling to church members. He and his wife Amy have four grown sons who are also part of the church family.

Joan Wyse

Joan has served MABC as our church secretary for over 22 years. She oversees the church office, coordinates the scheduling of church events and activities, and assists church leaders in their roles. She and her husband Mark have three sons and a daughter.


  • 1982- A few couples from Lebanon Valley Bible Church began meeting in family homes in the Robesonia, PA area in order to plant a church.

  • 1990- The church became officially incorporated as Heidelberg Bible Church. Scott Brady became pastor in September. 

  • 1991- Construction began on a new building in Mount Aetna, PA. The church name was changed to reflect the new location.

  • 1994- MABC celebrated their first service in the new facility. The church supported seven missionaries.

  • 2000- Tim Bouffard became co-pastor.

  • 2005- Mount Aetna Bible Church planted a church in the Robesonia area where it first began. This church again took the name Heidelberg Bible Church.

  • 2006- New education/office wing completed.

  • 2007- Rick Hemphill was hired as part-time administrative pastor. By this time the congregation supported 17 missionaries in 15 countries, and several local ministries.

  • 2022- Nat LeTowt joined the pastoral staff on October 10, 2022 as Family Pastor.