MABC's Mission & Values

Our Mission

”Being and making disciples of Jesus who become and make disciples of Jesus."

MABC is a gathering of believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord who are called to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). This local church exists to make reproducing disciples of Jesus both locally and globally, by evangelizing the lost, edifying new believers, equipping growing believers and empowering mature believers who bring glory to God in all areas of life.

More specifically, “...this church, governed by biblically-qualified elders who serve as the Board of Directors, is organized exclusively for religious purposes based on Biblical principles, for the glorification of God through worship, Bible preaching and teaching, evangelism, both locally and worldwide, to the end of helping those who are in fellowship with this church to mature in their Christian lives, and for the purpose of being a witness of faith and hope to a fallen world.” (MABC By-Laws, Article II: Purpose, pages 3-4 - 2008).

Our Values


We value the supremacy of the plan of redemption as a revelation of hope and meaning in human life through which mankind fulfills its purpose and God receives glory.

  • We believe that the redemption of God’s creation – fallen because of mankind’s willful rebellion against and independence from God – is His purpose in human history and has been secured by the incarnation, perfect life, sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Jesus, all for the glory of God.

  • We acknowledge God the Father as creator and all-wise ruler of the universe and loving initiator of redemption. We embrace God the Son as Redeemer and Lord, lover of our souls and healer of our hearts, example and friend. We depend on God the Holy Spirit as comforter, helper, guide and source of power that enables us to live out the reality of redemption.

  • We approach all people, believers and unbelievers, with the priority of redemption as the basis of relationship.

  • We are committed to proclaiming to the world the hope of redemption that comes through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.


We value the various forms of God's revelation to mankind through which he communicates his character, purposes and will. We seek to grow in our knowledge of God and in understanding our significance in serving his eternal purposes through creation, scripture, the Holy Spirit and the person and work of Jesus. 

The Holy Scriptures are our authority and ultimate standard for life and service to God. Our commitment to God's revelation is reflected practically in the following ways:

  • Preaching and teaching of the Word during corporate gatherings of the church.
  • Helping children understand and embrace the reality of God and his communication to mankind through creation, Word, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  • Instructing all believers in the content, meaning and application of scripture.
  • Encouraging all believers to be obedient not only to scripture, but also to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.
  • Inspiring all believers to believe that God created the universe, to see his character, wisdom and power revealed in his creation and to respond to him in worship.


We value loving relationships as the primary dynamic and context through which we accomplish God’s purposes and most reflect His nature as revealed in the Trinity.

  • We value our relationship with God through prayer, growing knowledge, fellowship, dependence and faith. We look to Him for hope, help, acceptance, security and love.
  • We value our relationships with fellow disciples of Jesus, regardless of race, background, gender or age. We build relationships and maintain the unity of the Spirit by choosing to love, forgive and bear with each other. We value mutual encouragement, bearing each other’s burdens, speaking the truth in love, loving confrontation and confession of sin, respecting and submitting to each other and being humble and gentle.

  • We value our relationships with fellow believers even in times of disagreement and grievance and seek to settle such disputes in a loving and Godly manner. 

  • We value our relationships with unbelievers, recognizing the priority and importance of sharing the gospel with people in an atmosphere of love and genuine care and concern.


We value honest awareness of the sinful nature of the flesh and the deceitful nature of the heart. We value the personal, corporate and practical pursuit of holiness.

  • We value personal and communal brokenness in response to sin, in light of God’s holiness.

  • We desire to pursue personal holiness in response to God’s grace and holy character.

  • We promote and pursue God’s specifically mandated moral standards as clearly articulated in Scripture. We respect others’ personal convictions regarding areas of life to which scripture does not speak directly or specifically by humbly choosing not to insist that others adhere to our personal convictions.

  • While promoting and pursuing the freedom we have by virtue of receiving God’s forgiveness and deliverance from sin and bondage, we humbly choose not to act in ways that harm our fellow believers.


We value the hope and embrace the reality of ongoing spiritual and personal renewal that comes as a result of living by faith, remaining in Jesus and yielding to the Holy Spirit.

  • We value and encourage personal and communal, spiritual renewal through prayer, the study and application of Scripture, regular fellowship with other believers, selfless service, mutual encouragement and obedience to the commands of Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit in order to actively live a life worthy of our redemption. Build relationships with one another
  • We value Biblical forgiveness and restoration for those who fall into sin and seek help from the church.