THRIVE - Helping kids thrive in their relationship with God and others.

THRIVE is our formal discipleship ministry for kids pre-K through 6th grade. Through creative Bible study and life application, meaningful, fun and educational activities and group scripture memory, we help kids know and love God so they can serve him by loving others. The THRIVE group meets most Sunday nights from 5-7 pm. Occasional family activities, church-wide fellowship and parent support events are also part of this ministry. Our goal is to not only disciple children, but also to encourage and equip parents in helping their children know and love God. All THRIVE volunteers are committed to caring for kids and are current in state-required background checks and receive training in appropriate interaction with children. Contact the church office for more information about THRIVE kids ministry.

Below are upcoming activities and events in 2020.

January 5: THRIVE night focusing on SAVING FAITH (5-7 pm)

January 12: THRIVE night focusing on LOVING OBEDIENCE (5-7 pm)

Jnuary 19: THRIVE night focusing on forgiveness (5-7 pm)

January 24: FRIDAY FUN NIGHT (5:30-8:30 pm)

February 9: Family Night - for kids and parents (5-7 pm)

March 8: Parent Support Session 

March 29: Church-Wide Fellowship

April 24-26: THRIVE RETREAT for 3rd through 6th grade kids at Cap of the Old Mill

Mat 17: Family Fellowship Meal - the last meeting before summer break

Don't miss the THRIVE Friday Fun Night! Great food, interactive music and worship with a special guest and laser tag!