Sermon Series

First Corinthians: An Ancient Letter to the Present-Day Church

The book of First Corinthians, like so much of scripture, speaks to the church today in many ways. The city of Corinth in Paul's time was a Roman colony and major trade center known for its brazen decadence. Paul (and a few other followers of Jesus) planted a church in this pagan culture. The letter known as "First Corinthians" was one of many Paul wrote to this young church in response to problems and issues they faced. Some of the things Paul addressed include disunity, sexual immorality, doctrinal integrity, unhealthy relationships, and worldly wisdom. 

Stand-Alone Sermons

This page includes all sermons not part of an established sermon series, and occasional guest speakers.

Exploring the Heart of God in the Minor Prophets

This sermon series is a survey of several of the prophetic books that draw attention to the heart of God. God calls His people to be committed to holiness which is seen in humility, justice, mercy, and love. God’s people, and the people of the world, consistently harden their hearts and seek selfish gain through the opposite. God condemns our hard hearted evil ways, but shows mercy on the repentant (humble/meek), which leads to restoration.

Hebrews: A Call to Faithfulness

The background of the letter to the Hebrews is uniquely relevant to believers of all periods in Christian history - including our own. In order not to be seen as bigoted or offensive, followers of Jesus are compromising the gospel and the Christian mandate to holiness. The present day church needs to be warned, challenged and encouraged to be faithful to Jesus, and to trust him with our personal wellbeing.

Advent & Christmas 2017

Mission: Intergenerational-

Working Together in the Kingdom of God

We need to be reminded of the importance of our relationships with each other in the context of making new disciples. This series is a practical consideration of the importance of love and unity for the purpose of encouraging each other, and effectively reaching the lost. In a divisive and divided culture, unity in the church is more important than ever.

Wise As Serpents, Innocent As Doves:

Building God-Oriented Relationships in a God-less Culture

In order to move more purposefully and intentionally into our communities for the purpose of making disciples, we need to be equipped to relate to the lost. This series focuses on the destructive nature of spiritual pride and being judgmental, what it means to live life with others, gaining a better understanding of culture, respecting people with very different value systems, and how to share the truth in love. 

The Mission Field Next Door:

Envisioning and Embracing Practical Discipleship in Our Communities

This series moves us from the theoretical/philosophical to the practical. We consider Old Testament wisdom and prophetic literature that emphasizes service to the needy, as well as New Testament examples of serving others as a means of introducing them to the love and grace of God. Our pastors offer suggestions and invitations for service with local ministries, ideas to serve others outside local ministry, and simple awareness of everyday opportunities.