• I recently shared in a sermon the reality that as a young person, particularly in high school and some in college, that I was quite sarcastic, especially with my family. It was consistently a part of how we communicated with one another and how I “joked” with friends. 

  • Reading through the gospels allows us to encounter the wisdom, character and nature of God in a human being - Jesus. Wow! To say that Jesus is a fascinating person is like saying Niagara Falls is a dripping faucet. The life of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels is a very limited account of God in the flesh, yet in the recorded words and actions there is unending wonder and fathomless depth.

  • My early adult years were spent wrapping up graduate school, making an attempt at figuring out how to be married, and working at a home for troubled children.  I worked in the Shelter Care program for Bethany Children’s Home where residents in need of short-term housing, emergency intervention, or in a time of transition received round-the-clock supervision and care.  Many of the children in our care had experienced some of the worst circumstances imaginable during their childhood. 

  • As we anticipate Tuesday's election, many of us are prepared to pray and hopefully participate. We should pray and participate remembering that God is the ruler of all and that no ruler is in a position of power or influence outside of the sovereignty of God.