• I have been thinking about a question that I have been asked as a pastor and as a counselor. The question has come from those struggling with same-sex attraction as well as from others. The question: Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

  • This was a difficult decision. I have been pondering for over a year the possibility of considering the challenging subjects of same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage and related issues from a Christ-centered perspective. The decision to do so was difficult for several reasons.

  • "I saw it on Facebook." The news about a friend's health condition was fresh and timely. Moments after learning that their condition required surgery, they posted the information on their Facebook page and it spread quickly - and so did the prayers. This is someone I know well and see on a regular basis, but I was receiving the update about their health from someone who lives miles away and rarely sees or talks with our mutual friend.

  • Warning: This is not an article dealing with the issue of contraception from a Christian perspective. I am only going to use the idea of contraception as a metaphor for a different issue - temptation to sin. I recently helped someone work through a specific temptation.